the rosalie promise

Fresh flowers cut from our farms right after your order, delivered with utmost care at your doorstep


Our farms are proud members of the Rainforest Alliance,  committed to sustainable agriculture, training and certification. 

Choosing our products is an easy way to help protect forests, conserve wildlife, and support local communities.

what makes us different

We are the farmers, every flower in your bouquet has been cut directly from our farms, without intermediaries.

We care about you and your loved ones – we understand the expectation from giving or receiving flowers (we feel it too!). We want your gift, for you or someone else, to be perfect!

We understand how painful bad customer service can be and are committed to giving you the best shopping experience we can.

Let us flourish by yourside in the happiest moments and in the ones that need more love – here we are!


your flowers journey

Step 1: Your order has arrived!

We can’t wait to get started on creating a stunning arrangement just for you.

Setp 2: Picking up your flowers

We waste no time in cutting your flowers directly from the field and bringing them to our post-crop area. This ensures the freshest possible blooms for your order.

Step 3: First drink

Next, we give your flowers a refreshing drink in our first cold room set at a crisp 39°F for a minimum of 4 hours. This guarantees that your flowers are well-hydrated and ready to be arranged into a beautiful display.

Step 4: Magic on!

Now it’s time for the magic to happen! Our talented florists take your flowers to the arrangement table and use their skills to create a breathtaking arrangement that perfectly suits your style.

Step 5: Getting cold!

After the arrangement is complete, we move your flowers to our second cold room set at a chilly 37°F. Here, they receive an additional 4 hours of hydration to ensure they are in top condition for their journey to you.

Step 6: Boxing time

Once your arrangement is ready, we carefully pack it in its box according to your specific preferences – with or without a vase, and with a personalized message if desired.

Step 7: Almost time to go

Your box is then moved to our third cold room set at 37°F, where it chills for a minimum of 3 hours. This ensures that your flowers stay fresh and beautiful during their journey.

Step 8: The journey begins

Our refrigerated trucks, set at a cool 39°F, pick up your box and transport it directly to the airport. This guarantees that your flowers are kept at the perfect temperature throughout their journey.

Step 9: Blooming at your doorstep

Finally, your order arrives at your doorstep, straight from the airport! Get ready to experience the joy of receiving a stunning bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers.


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